Prosperity By Syllabary

Photo Credit: fineartamerica. com
Photo Credit: fineartamerica. com

I believe in the economy of words.

Their ability to bring an abundance of wealth to a single mother desperately trying to keep herself from drowning while working full-time, attending college full-time and raising her children well.

Their temerity to keep count of the injustices around the globe and become a part of the movement that has and will continue to shake foundations…drastically.

Their preciseness to  guillotine systematically, those that attempt to maim ideas, energy, thought or unity within 12 seconds flat.

Their aptness to initiate emotions so deeply felt, that they remain trapped in the larynx when reciprocity isn’t necessary.

National Poetry Month begins tomorrow and the love, mystery, hate, affair, laughter, thoughtfulness of words will be on full display.

There will be stories containing 500 characters of the alphabet or just one….and we will buy into those tiny characters with hopes of gaining more than our mental bank accounts can fully handle.

I believe in the economy of words.


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