Spring; The Real New Year Resolution

Photo Credit: iboly akapta.com
Photo Credit: iboly akapta.com

As tradition would have it, The New Year is celebrated at the stroke of midnight on January 1st. As “Auld Lang Syne” plays in the background, confetti falls through the air and you kiss the person you are supposed to spend the rest of your life with; all of the things you want to accomplish in the coming year (and let’s be honest, all of the things you did not accomplish the past year) is your new goal.

You have the list written out and you do it in good faith, that you are going to try even harder this year. As reality and life begins to set in, it is possible the list becomes more of a death sentence than the birth of a new beginning.

As the season has changed and Spring has begun to share its pleasant wind, plentiful sunshine and blooming flowers; it is the perfect time for new beginnings or…new resolutions.

Take time to breathe in a little deeper.

Listen to children laugh as they play, a little longer.

Walk around your neighborhood a little slower.

Write a handwritten love letter a little more often.

Play outside in the rain for a little while.

Make your previous  list into a beautiful vision board for a little motivation.

Spring is the time for rebirth, rejuvenation, resurrection, regrowth, and reintroduction. Plant new seeds of resolutions this spring and watch the bountiful harvest of your life reveal itself.

Photo Credit: sprituallyharvest .com
Photo Credit: sprituallyharvest .com

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