The Olivia Pope.

Photo Credit: scandalmoments. com
Photo Credit: scandalmoments. com


Cunning. Sad. Decision maker. Olivia Pope. The creator of all things gladiator, knows what the leeches of the media are thinking before they process their thought themselves. Her ability to get ahead of a pending crisis, whether she agrees with the morals or not has allowed her to consider everything handled.

She has recruited a team who are skilled and most importantly, loyal. Thus, they are willing to protect her at all cost. There is no doubt that she adores them. Nonetheless, she also recruited a team who are flawed in ways she is able to mold, control and dictate. Though her love for them is assuredly deep, she holds trump cards that can be used to destroy them if need be.

In the process of creating a president, she created a man who can destroy her in a couple of sentences. Even though she instinctively craves that destruction. Love for her is defined with four words…despair, tears, pain and untouchable. Part of Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III’s attraction is she can never fully have him. Some moments she has surrendered herself to him and seen love through his eyes. Yet, she then wakes up and embraces reality. Therefore, fixing him is more alluring than loving him. However, never underestimate Ms. Pope’s power. After all, they do not let just anyone ride in the Presidential helicopter.

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