Women and Money, Single Mothers and Wealth, Single Moms and Forming Friends and Wealth, Single Moms Investment Club

Single Mother Chronicles: What’s in Your Bank Account?

Women and Money, Single Mothers and Wealth, Single Moms and Forming Friends and Wealth, Single Moms Investment Club
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Are you a wealthy woman? Not the type of wealth that comes from how many zeros you have behind the 1,2, or 3 in your bank account, but the type that speaks about your mind-set, home life or the relationships you have with others. One financial guru and pretty much my financial hero says that the eight qualities of a wealthy woman are harmony, balance, courage, generosity, happiness, wisdom, cleanliness and beauty.

Some of the qualities at first glance seem a bit strange. I was perplexed and intrigued at the same time when I first read them. However, once I looked into what the qualities were trying to convey, it became crystal clear.
Quality 1: Harmony – What you think should be a direct reflection of what you do.
Quality 2: Balance – Pay attention to your feelings.
Quality 3: Courage – Speak the truth even when others may not want to hear it.
Quality 4: Generosity – Giving the right thing to the right person and it benefits you both.
Quality 5: Happiness – Being open and accessible to possibilities.
Quality 6: Wisdom – Do not do what is easy; do what is right.
Quality 7: Cleanliness – To bring in true wealth, you need to clean up your life.
Quality 8: Beauty – What is possible when you achieve the other seven qualities.
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When I first took my inventory with this list, I was a single mom working my way through life and believing I was doing an adequate job. Nonetheless, knowing that I could do better. Initially, I checked off five things on the list. After reading I decided to make it a goal to successfully be able to check off all eight. I believe this list was crucial to me at the time and they all still ring true today. While it can be an important list to all women, single moms can benefit greatly from it.
Your harmony and balance can be thrown way off when you become a single mom. It takes time to gain them back, but not impossible. Even if the struggle for you is not financial, what you have known for years is now different. Even though it may seem impossible now, accept this shift in what was normal and embrace your new norm.
Courage comes in many forms. Know that being a single mother is one of the most courageous things you will do in your life.
Your generosity as a single mom can be as small as offering your shoulder to another mom that is having a difficult time coping or as large as donating time to a cause you believe in.
Happiness does have ebb and flow, but it does include optimism. Some days will be hard, but know there are better days ahead.
You will become the master of many things. Wisdom does come from doing. Even some men will have to ask you how to fix the plumbing and what that mysterious noise is coming from their car.
Single mothers schedule camps, tutoring, child care, sport activities and sleep overs all while cooking dinner, putting hundreds of miles on their cars from all the commuting and working a full-time job. A single mother’s organizational skills are on point.
Simply cleaning out your purse or donating clothes that have been just sitting in your closet for months can help you in making room for abundance in any of its forms.
My financial hero says that being able to check off the seven other qualities on the list creates beauty in your life. I also say that putting your strengths into practice, realizing your weaknesses and then being able to study your success rather than analyzing your failures is beautiful.
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Keep your chins up single mommies, being soul wealthy is within your reach.

21 thoughts on “Single Mother Chronicles: What’s in Your Bank Account?”

  1. It can happen if you budget properly. My mom was a single mother and she took the child support money to pay off her bills so that she could buy a house cash. Don’t ask me how she did it making less than 40,000 a year but she did. We had land so all she had to do was build the house but my mom did a little at a time.

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    1. Kita, thank you for taking the time to read my article. Most of the time a single mother or a mother period just needs to know that the impact they have on their children’s lives will always matter, regardless of the obstacles. Even though it is true that we need money to survive, wealth is possible through tangible things that have nothing to do with money.


    1. Siobahn, when I first read this list..I truly thought at first that I have all 8 down pat. However, once I really started evaluating myself, the realization came that I needed to take a deeper look. Thank you for reading.


    1. This list was truly about finding wealth in things that have nothing to do with money. I think all moms can find strength in that. Thank you for taking the time to read my article, Nicole.


  2. Wealth is definitely a mindset and I love the checklist that you shared. I’m not a single mother but I was raised by one and I always ask her how she did it especially now that I am an adult and I understand the challenges.

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