Mrs. President…If You’re Ready ( and they aren’t ready)


hillary clinton


( I originally wrote this article for another website in June of 2014. It still rings true today. Now that Mrs. Clinton has entered the race, it will be interesting to see how many pitfalls other candidates and the media will fall into while covering her this time around. During her first campaign, some members of the media and pundits failed miserably.)

Would there be such a faux uproar about how much money Hillary Clinton had Bill Clinton had when they left the White House if it was Mr. Clinton running for President and not Mrs. Clinton? I will not even give you time to ponder that question. The answer is an emphatic, NO.

They are the Clintons, the former White House Clintons that a lot of people still adore. Of course, they made money after Bill left office and people were willing to pay him to give speeches (despite what he says now about being shocked that anyone did.) Nonetheless, they did have massive legal bills when they departed the White House because Bill couldn’t seem to keep his paws off of interns, ladies from Arkansas, and Ms. Monica. Where people really under the assumption that they we , the taxpayers were paying those legal fees? No. What we did pay for was  Kenneth Star’s bill and the “Let’s Impeach Him!” picket signs that were in full force on the GOP side of Washington in 1999.

Just about every time Hillary Clinton is covered on news outlets, there is a great deal of innuendo and expectations that are cleverly ( not so much, depending on the news source) disguised as “thoughtful and provoking”. Even though they are really only being asked because she is a W-O-M-A-N, period. Chris Christie, who was thought of as the Republican savior and direct competition for Hillary in 2016… until a few people in his crew played a game of Billy Goat’s Gruff on the New Jersey Turnpike, is pushing 300+ pounds and had been his entire time in office. Anytime his weight is brought up as a possible hindrance to him being President, people get up in-arms; steadfastly declaring his weight has nothing to do with the job. However, Karl Rove and the good old boy network can state that Hillary may have brain damage from the concussion she suffered when she fell in December 2012 and only a handful of people came to Mrs. Clinton’s defense.

Now, it’s the money issue that people are using to deem her not a worthy candidate for President. Can you imagine reporters asking Reagan, Bush or even Bill, how many “Benjamins” are in their wallets? Or criticizing them for saying their family goes to their local grocery store and making the condescending statement, “Their local grocery store isn’t a regular grocery store”. Newt Gingrich even compared Hillary Clinton to Kim Kardashian a couple of days ago. Really Newt? No…really?

It’s apparent she isn’t the second coming of Jesus. She is flawed. She doesn’t always say the right things in the right way. Some are still upset about Benghazi and what they believe she should have done. Many are still “upset” because she stayed with Bill through all of his downright disrespectful behavior with his mistresses. All valid if that’s the way you view her. Nevertheless, it seems most people are over the bulk of that list. It’s necessary to challenge her on her policies and record. It is smart to ask about her plans for our economic future as a country and her foreign policy. But, please miss me with asking her about her wallet.

Hillary’s intellect, power, ability to at least try to get some things accomplished, likability amongst most voters, history as a Senator, previous presidential candidate of course being, Secretary of State will bring all the boys to the yard…they better get ready.

Are you looking forward to 2016?

3 thoughts on “Mrs. President…If You’re Ready ( and they aren’t ready)”

  1. She is amazing, I went to one of her rallies when she was running before. Part of me loves the idea of a Lady President because its never been done. The other part of me believes that a man should run the household and the country. A lot of other cultures/countries still don’t consider women equal. Will they respect her as President? Will they refuse to work with her? I wonder what that would mean for our country. I have so many questions that no one can answer.

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