What Did You Say…?

Audacity is defined as ” The willingness to take bold risks.”  (or rude and disrespectful behavior, impudence.) In other words, to do and say what you feel without any regard to what others will say about you. In being audacious, there are those of us in this club who may abuse this character trait. Those discourteous club members who have  contracted the elitist disease. In the right hands audacity can be the most delicious thing and that is what “The Audacity Of Her” is all about. I’m standing in my truths here, whether people will accept it or not. I’m willing to take the risk of ruffling feathers, soothing spirits or inciting movements. “The Audacity Of Her” stands behind four principles:

1. The nerve to feel your convictions. – There will always be times when people don’t want to hear your truth. The great thing about that is they do not have to. What they eat, doesn’t make you…..The temerity to not only feel your convictions to your core but,truly live them is daring.

2. The courage to say what you are thinking. – We all know the saying, “Be seen and not heard.” Admittedly, there are times in life where it is best to remain quiet and observe. There are other times when you should shout from the proverbial roof top. Just because everyone you know loves the merits of “Scandal”, The Tea Party or Taylor Swift does not mean you have to bite your tongue because you have a different opinion. ( I love “Scandal”, The Tea Party gives me hives and Taylor Swift gets on my nerves.) Be confident enough to say what’s on your mind. The skilled required is…tack. No-one wants to have an intelligent debate with a butt hole.

Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest

3. The bravery to write your heart. – I’ve been writing in journals since I was a young child. I remember all these nuggets of child wisdom I would write to myself. Unfortunately, I am only in possession of my journals from about 2004 to presently. There are times when writing is like bleeding on a sheet of paper for me..expressing every deep seeded fear or on the surface pain. Writing what’s on your heart has the ability to free you from self-imposed chains. I always strive to write what is on mine through laughter, anger, love, fear, acceptance or pain. Writing is easy for me.. inviting everyone to have a glimpses of it, is the brave part.

4. The fearlessness to speak…loudly. – I am a “Real G’s move in silence” believer. No-one needs to know your every move unless you share their last name. ( And even that is debatable at times. LOL.) I observe much more than I speak. However, you better believe that when I do, I am passionate AND informed before reaching that decision. I will speak on injustices, tom foolery and betrayal. I will speak on politics, children and television if I believe my words will lead you to look below the surface. There is no fear of debate with me because I may learn something from others who have a differing opinion. Nonetheless, respect is mandatory.

Welcome to 2015 and “The Audacity Of Her”. The nesting place of nerve, courage, bravery and fearlessness. Kick off those 2014 shoes and stay awhile.

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