No Zeta, No Skee, No Wee, No DST…and the rest of your sisters too?

On the surface, the petition to stop the reality show “Sorority Sisters” created by Mona Scott Young is a great thing. It demonstrates the necessary process of standing up for something you believe in, the strength of one equaling the power of many and the fact that at least some of us are willing to stand in the way of a heavy rotation of reality shows that aren’t positive concerning our communities. If you dig deeper in your thinking, you may begin to ask yourself a few questions. The old adage ” It ain’t no fun, when the rabbit got a gun” comes to mind.

In other words, how many times has members of these four sororities created and signed petitions against the plethora of ridiculous shows that air on television every night? (One Delta is already a major figure on Love and Hip Hop. I don’t recall any petitions being circulated then.) Or does it now only matter because one just may show the same inside their house. The creator of the petition, Reynoir Lewis states that she created the petition to ” Stop the spread of ignorance and stereotyping of our beloved Black Greek organizations.” However, because Sorority Sisters has only released a brief trailer, (and it’s still in question whether the series will air) we can only assume that it may be a complete bag of tom foolery. After all it is a reality show by the queen of “reality” shows on VH1. Could it be that the potential of the foolery that takes place after walking through the burning sands and not the community service these organizations are pledged to provide is what the petition signers are a little afraid of? Rabbit…gun.

If anyone has ever been to a campus stroll, step show or Greek picnic I am sure you have witnessed the negativity they display towards other sororities, not to mention the members of their own chapters. Yes, families don’t always agree. It is a sign of growth to be able to settle differences. I wonder if it was possible that the sororities could have asked for a sit down with the head of Viacom and Mrs. Scott-Young to discuss what the show would reveal and then inform them both about the legacy of the organizations and the balance of sorority life. Is this petition stance on the right path, absolutely. Nonetheless, shouldn’t that position cover making sure ALL of our sisters and brothers are seen in the best light possible? Imagine the power we would hold if we ever decided to get up and fight against the bludgeoning of our family. It can not only be about these four sororities being seen in a bad light. It must include every woman that is viewed on our televisions participating in their own demise.

This should not be situational activism, where the Greek sisters are only moved by the sight of their letters and not by sight of any sister who looks like them with nothing on. It’s honorable to stand up and say”no more”. It is noble to get the foolishness off the air. It’s necessary to demand that there are possible portrayals of black people on television. And it is required that we command that for all of our community not just selective parts of it.

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