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pandora; created by gods tempting fate


#NAPOWRIMO -Day Four: Write a poem that is about something abstract in the form of relentlessly concrete nouns or adjectives.


Stop killing us
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scream so guttural it escapes through hardened lips as a whisper,
while children’s laughter floats like dandelion seeds; innocence before grief

vengeance settles underneath a heart suffocating it’s rhythm,
while america the beautiful faintly frolicks in stadiums;
honor before justice

pungent earth settles across gleaming oak welcoming a soul’s peace that’s been stolen,
while we bellow into hollow skies;
stop killing us.

#NaPoWriMo- Day One: Write a Poem Based on a Secret Pleasure or Secret Shame

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the battle for
black or white
declares victory in
a field of
color muted by
reckless verbs
and ostentatious adjectives


the smell of
wounded nouns hangs
in the air
and the ghost
of screaming bold face
sustains me until
the next battle

audacityofher 4-1-18

Desire By Locution – National Poetry Writing Month

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I have always said,  I believe in the economy of words. Their ability to create sustenance for those that are starving or well-fed; words create desire whether in reality or dreams.

National Poetry Writing Month allows those that fed to flex their appellation skills. For their audience a buffet is served.

Every year I start strong with #NaPoWriMo and usually fizzle out around week two. This year my goal is to finish. Let’s see if I can make my love affair with syllabary fed the audience for 30 days. Wish me luck…